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Anyone who has suffered physical or emotional injuries, lost a loved one in the fire, suffered damage to their home, ranch lands, structures or equipment, business or lost wages of profits as a result of the Zogg Fire is invited to attend a free information session to discuss your legal rights against PG&E and your insurance company.

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PG&E is under investigation for causing the Zogg Fire.


The Camp Fire destroyed over 18,000 buildings, burned over 150,000 acres, and killed 85 people. After a lengthy investigation, PG&E pled guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of unlawfully starting a fire related to its role in causing the Camp Fire.

Now, PG&E is under investigation again.

PG&E has been ordered by a federal judge to explain its role in the Zogg Fire which has burned over 56,000 acres of Shasta County and Tehama County, destroyed over 200 buildings, and killed four people.

If you have been affected by the Zogg fire, we know recovering can be challenging. We have the experience, skill and local knowledge to help you move forward and rebuild.

Reiner, Slaughter, Mainzer & Frankel, LLP, has already been trusted by over 1,600 people to represent them in cases against PG&E –cases brought by families who lost loved ones, suffered property damage, and were forced to flee because of fires PG&E caused. We have been active in forcing PG&E to create a $13.5 billion fund that will compensate fire victims and we have handled thousands of claims against PG&E for victims of preventable wildfires.


We Can Help.

Here’s How:

  • You only pay us if we win.
  • We advance all costs to investigate and litigate your case. If, for example, we need to hire experts, we pay for them. You pay us nothing.
  • We investigate to determine if the fire was in fact caused by negligent conduct.
  • We then present that evidence showing how and why the fire started. This presentation could be to an insurance adjuster, to a defense attorney representing the party at fault or to a judge or jury if the case goes to trial.
  • When we present evidence, we also advocate for you and show through evidence and testimony all the various ways the fire impacted your life.
  • If you lost your home in the fire, we calculate the actual cost to rebuild your home and replace the items in your home you lost.
  • If your business was disrupted, we calculate your lost earnings.
  • If you were forced to flee, we calculate your out of pocket costs associated with being displaced.
  • If you lost your ranch equipment or fences, we calculate what it would cost to replace what was destroyed.

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Representing people who have suffered losses due to wildfires is what we do.

Reiner, Slaughter, Mainzer & Frankel, LLP, has obtained more than $600 million for our clients–including clients who have suffered losses in wildfires. We have built a reputation for handling the most complex and high stakes personal injury lawsuits involving catastrophic injury, permanent disability, disfigurement or wrongful death.

You don’t have to take our word for it: our attorneys have been awarded positions in key peer-reviewed organizations including the American Board of Trial Advocates, Super Lawyers, the National Trial Lawyers Association, AVVO and Martindale Hubbell, the nation’s largest independent attorney rating service.

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