Trucking Accidents


Commercial trucking is a substantial industry in Northern California. Hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial big rigs travel each hour through Redding on I-5, from Seattle to Los Angeles. Other big rigs are constantly operating on the rural and mountainous highways of Northern California transporting logs, lumber, heavy equipment and agricultural goods.

About one out of every eight motor vehicle accidents involve a large truck. That equates to a little over 12 percent of all vehicle accidents, but big rig trucks only account for about 4 percent of all registered motor vehicles. At Reiner, Slaughter, McCartney & Frankel in Redding, our big rig truck accident lawyers fight for the rights of the injured.


Big Rig Truck Accident Information

Trucking accidents can cause serious injuries, including incidents of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and burn injury. Studies have shown that about 75 percent of those injured in big rig accidents were occupants of other vehicles. Truck drivers accounted for 22 percent of those injured. The remaining 3 percent of people injured in large truck accidents were not occupants of any vehicle (pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.). Our truck accident lawyers can help victims hold trucking companies, their drivers, and vehicle manufacturers responsible for their negligence.

Unfortunately, injuries are not the only cause for concern in large truck accidents. Big rig truck accidents are more likely to be fatal than auto accidents. Truck drivers were less likely to be killed in a big rig accident than were the occupants of other vehicles involved. While only 15 percent of the large truck fatalities involved the big rig’s driver, about 78 percent of those killed were in other vehicles. Our Redding CA lawyers for truck accident have pursued wrongful death lawsuits for the families of those victims.

Common Causes of Big Rig Truck Accidents

As professional drivers, the operators of these big rigs must have professional training, be properly licensed and operate their rigs within the requirements of Federal and State regulations. These regulations are designed to protect the motoring public from the catastrophic injuries and death that can occur when an 80,000 lb. big rig collides with a passenger vehicle, a motorcycle, a pedestrian, a bicyclist or another truck. Safety must be a pre-eminent concern for the professional big rig driver.

While most professional drivers of big rigs are responsible and drive their rigs safely, many accidents still occur. The most common reasons big rig truck accidents occur include:

  • Driver fatigue – Truck drivers are limited by law to a certain number of hours of work. Some companies allow truck drivers to extend these hours to meet a deadline, causing drivers to become overtired, which leads to big rig truck accidents.
  • Distracted drivers – In addition to fatigue, cell phones, food, boredom, stress, and other factors cause big rig truck drivers to lose focus on the road. Since big rig trucks need more time to stop, any distraction can lead to a big rig truck accident.
  • Blind spots – Even with several mirrors, big rig trucks have larger blind spots. At times, drivers of passenger cars do not realize that they cannot be seen by the truck’s operator.
  • Excessive Speed/Insufficient Following Distance – Because of weight and size of their loads, big rig trucks require more time to stop and more space to maneuver around potential hazards. If big rig trucks do not maintain a speed and following distance that properly accounts for weather, roadway and traffic conditions, this could lead to a big rig truck accident.
  • Excessive truck cargo – Truck weigh stations are in place for a reason. Trucks that are overloaded will have more difficulty slowing and stopping when necessary. This can cause a big rig truck accident.
  • Mechanical defects – Mechanical failure and defective equipment can cause trucks to not work properly. If truck inspections miss defects or potential failures, the components can fail on the road and cause a big rig truck accident.

Whatever the reason for the trucking accident, if the big rig driver did not operate his truck safely, he is responsible for the injuries that he caused.

Our lawyers are well versed in the regulations and laws that govern the operation of big rig trucks throughout California and the nation. We are very experienced in dealing with corporate trucking firms, their attorneys and insurance companies, and have successfully represented clients in numerous serious injury and death cases involving catastrophic big rig truck accidents.

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