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Our experienced boating accident attorneys have represented many boating accident victims. We will provide you with professional, personalized representation after someone injures you or your family in a boating accident. We have a team of professionals who will help you navigate the complicated aftermath of a boating accident. We know accident victims wish the accident never happened. While we can’t take you back in time, we don’t stop fighting until you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Whose fault is a boating accident?

Negligent people cause boating accidents. Sometimes the person at fault is another boater. Other times, the responsible party is a boat manufacturer or boat rental company. Our boating accident attorneys, who have successfully advocated for victims for over 40 years, conduct a thorough accident investigation to determine fault.

Our full-service team handles the details that will help make you whole after someone hurts you. We deal with the insurance companies, help you repair or replace your boat or other watercraft, and provide advice and guidance related to the accident and your recovery.

Our attorneys are skilled at proving fault for boating accidents caused by negligence such as:

  • Speeding
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • Inattentive driving
  • Driver’s failure to watch the water and surrounding areas

  • Watercraft operator inexperience
  • Violation of boating  rules
  • Equipment failure
  • Defective boat design

We represent victims injured or killed in all kinds of watercraft, from kayaks and canoes to personal watercraft and ski boats. If you have been hurt on or near the water, we have a full legal team ready to support you and your family during the difficult times ahead.

You Deserve Appropriate Compensation for Your Injuries

It can be incredibly difficult and frustrating to get the support you need and deserve after you suffer a boating injury.

Boating accidents can cause lifelong impairment, so immediate medical attention is required. Common boating accident injuries include:

  • Lacerated organs
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Burns
  • Electrocution

Sample Boating Accident Settlements

Our law practice has obtained verdicts totaling more than $550 million on our clients’ behalf, giving those we work with the justice and compensation they deserve. Listed as a Pre-Eminent Law Firm by Martindale-Hubbell, our lawyers have won more than 98% of cases that we’ve brought to trial.

Every case is unique, and we provide individualized representation to meet each client’s needs. The two examples that follow provide a snapshot of how we have helped boating accident victims receive just compensation. The facts of each case determine the verdicts or settlement, so every case result will be different.

1.3 Million Recovery for Boating Injury from Defective Seat

While enjoying the last day of her family vacation on Shasta Lake, our client suffered a deep puncture wound from a defective seat on a rented ski boat.

After watching her nephew get up on skis for the first time ever, our client circled the boat to bring him the ski rope. She stood as she drove, and to steady herself, she placed her knee on the helm seat. That move changed her life.

Instead of feeling the soft seat cushion, she felt unbearable pain from a 3 ½-inch bolt that had punched through the seat cushion and into her right knee. The puncture wound, severe injury to the knee and surrounding area, and subsequent bone infection led to numerous hospitalizations and medical procedures.

The dangerous, defective condition of the seat caused our client to lose two years out of her internal medicine career and prevented her from ever returning to full-time work. It also caused her husband to leave his job to provide full-time care for our client and their children.

The boat manufacturer admitted that the bolt in the seat was too long. Our client received $1.3 million to compensate her for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses and loss of earnings.

1.65 Million Recovery for Wrongful Death Caused by a Negligent Boater

Our client’s husband died after a reckless boater crashed into the boat our client was on with her friends and family. The boater who caused the accident was speeding while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Our client also suffered injuries. Our client recovered $1.65 million to compensate the wrongful death of her husband as well as damages for her own injuries.

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