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Thousands of California citizens are under evacuation orders as the Dixie Fire burns through wilderness north of Sacramento.
One of 11 wildfires currently throughout the state, the Dixie Fire has burned across over 720,000 acres of Northern California land and threatened countless homes, businesses, and properties.

Pacific Gas and Electric recently announced that a PG&E utility pole with blown fuses may have started the fire, which has now grown to be the second largest fire in California history.

If you have suffered losses from a fire, Reiner, Slaughter, Mainzer & Frankel, LLP, is here to help. We have handled thousands of claims for victims of preventable wildfires, including wildfires caused by PG&E. We will work with you to help determine how you should be compensated for your losses in this tragedy.

How did the Dixie Fire start?

The Dixie Fire has destroyed over 600 homes and 100 businesses and burned across over 720,000 acres of Northern California.

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said there’s “very little doubt” that power equipment operated by PG&E helped start the fire. Describing the circumstances that sparked the Dixie blaze, Ramsey recently told North State Public Radio, “there was a tree into a line, a 12,000-volt line that came down the hill on the opposite side of the Cresta Dam in the Feather River Canyon. And the fire started under that line.”

It is still possible that PG & E may deny liability or at least deny negligence for the fire, but it is becoming harder and harder for PG & E to concede liability and pass along the settlement costs to its insurance company and ratepayers.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a preventable fire’s origin may be linked to the utility company:

  • Last year’s Zogg Fire burned across 56,000-acres and killed four people, and the utility company reached a $12 million settlement with two of the affected counties.
  • In the case of the Camp Fire of 2018, which was also a direct result of PG&E’s negligence, PG&E pleaded guilty last year to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter.
  • 2019’s Kincaid Fire also led to criminal charges for PG&E after the fire damaged and destroyed more than 400 buildings and injured firefighters.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dixie Fire

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Typical fire damage losses you can recover

Dixie Fire victims can receive compensation for their losses. California homeowners and business owners alike will be able to file claims against the party or parties responsible for the fire after fault has been determined.

If someone else is responsible for a fire that destroyed your home or business, we can help.
Fire damage lawsuits can not only help you recover your losses, but also make sure that the people responsible for starting the fire are held responsible. These lawsuits can force them to take preventative measures so other people don’t experience the same catastrophe in the future.

Compensation claims can include:

  • Damage to your home
  • Damage to your business property
  • Damage to your ranch lands or equipment
  • Business disruption
  • Lost income or living expenses
  • Emotional distress
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death

Let our team help you get the compensation you deserve:

    Here’s how we help:

    • We advance all costs necessary to investigate and litigate our client’s case.
    • We rely on our team of medical and investigative experts to work with the authorities and conduct additional investigations to determine if the fire was, in fact, caused by the negligent acts of a person or entity.
    • We gather evidence to show how the at-fault party acted negligently, and how that carelessness led to the fire.
    • We gather evidence of the losses our client has already faced, and we demonstrate, through economic projections, the loss in profit or income our client and their family will suffer as a result of the fire damage.
    • We present this evidence to the at-fault party. We then attempt to negotiate a fair resolution that takes into consideration all of the ways our client’s life has been impacted.
    • If the at-fault party does not accept our demand, we refuse to settle for less than what our client’s case is worth. We use our team of experts and our skill as trial lawyers to prove to a jury exactly why our clients deserve full compensation for their losses.
    • Our clients only pay us if we win.

    Representing families who have suffered losses due to wildfires is what we do.

    Reiner, Slaughter, Mainzer & Frankel, LLP, has obtained more than $600 million for our clients–including clients who have suffered losses in wildfires. We have built a reputation for handling the most complex and high-stakes personal injury lawsuits involving catastrophic injury, permanent disability, disfigurement, or wrongful death.

    If you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We won’t charge you for a confidential consultation, and we would be happy to discuss how to get the assistance you and your family need.

    I was in a terrible auto accident, but the attorneys at Reiner, Slaughter, Mainzer & Frankel were very caring and listened to what I had to say. They kept me updated on what I needed to do and what was happening. I always felt they were working their very best for me. They were very successful in my case.

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