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Brain injuries are hidden.


A traumatic brain injury occurs when an external force causes damage to the brain. While some people who sustain a traumatic brain injury are able to recover, for others, a traumatic brain injury can cause permanent changes in a person’s ability to think, work and interact with the world.

Despite their seriousness, even significant brain injuries can be overlooked. Signs or symptoms of traumatic brain injury may not appear immediately after an injury occurs and may only become apparent days or weeks later. Sometimes, a traumatic brain injury can be overshadowed by other more obvious physical injuries—even when the traumatic brain injury has life-changing consequences.

We know the subtle cognitive and psychological changes a traumatic brain injury can cause and understand why these changes can go undetected for extensive periods of time.

Working with our team of neurologists, neuropsychologists and neuroradiologists, and employing cutting edge medical technologies, we can help our clients get the specialized assessments needed to diagnose their traumatic brain injuries. We’ve found that simply obtaining a verification that the injury is real rather than imagined gives our clients significant relief.

But our work does not stop at diagnosis. We understand our clients often need continuing cognitive and psychological assessment, rehabilitative care, vocational rehabilitation and long-term health care planning.


We help reveal them.


  • Working with our team of medical experts, we help our clients get the specialized assessments needed to diagnose their traumatic brain injuries.
  • We help family members spot the signs of a brain injury so they can inform treating medical providers of what they’ve observed.
  • We collect information about how the injury occured so we can explain through evidence how what happened caused a brain injury.
  • We make clear each way your life has been affected by your brain injury.
  • We help you and your family get the assistance you need until your case is resolved.

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