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Dealing With a Traumatic Brain Injury After a Car Accident: What Victims Need to Know

By April 15, 2020May 26th, 2022No Comments

No one expects to ever be involved in a serious car accident. But while you might believe yourself to be a safe driver, that doesn’t necessarily mean every motorist is. Tragically, another driver’s negligence can result in major injuries and even fatalities.

The truth is that automobile and motorcycle accidents account for more than 35% of all new spinal cord injuries each year. But as personal injury attorneys in Redding CA will tell you, collisions can also result in traumatic brain injuries. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that car crashes and other traffic accidents remain the second-leading cause of TBIs, accounting for over 17% of cases. These accidents also account for the largest percentage of TBI-related fatalities in the nation.

If you’re involved in a crash and are diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, it’s essential to gather the information you need and to contact an auto accident lawyer with experience in personal injury and TBI cases. In today’s post, we’ll delve into essential information pertaining to accident-related TBIs and how your attorneys in Redding CA can help.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the Mayo Clinic, a TBI will typically occur due to a jolt or violent blow to the body or head. In some cases, TBIs can also be caused by objects that permeate the brain tissue. While mild traumatic brain injuries may affect the brain cells only temporarily, serious TBIs can cause bleeding, torn tissue, bruising, and other types of physical brain damage that can result in permanent complications. In some cases, TBIs can be fatal.

Some symptoms of a TBI may appear immediately, but others may not start to show until weeks after the event. In mild cases, physical symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, disorientation, or short periods of loss of consciousness; sensory issues, concentration problems, and mood swings can also develop. In more serious cases, an individual may experience longer periods of lost consciousness, loss of coordination, seizures, fluid buildup, slurred speech, pronounced confusion, coma, brain death, and more.

Car Accidents and TBIs

As car accident attorneys know all too well, traumatic brain injuries can commonly occur when a motorist is involved in a collision. One popular scenario occurs when a driver’s or passenger’s skull comes into contact with components of the vehicle (including the steering wheel, roof debris, or windshield). In these cases, there may or may not be an open wound to the skull. TBIs can occur without actual fracture or penetration to the head, as the force of the collision can cause the brain to come into contact with the interior of the skull. This can cause internal bruising and bleeding, which won’t be visible at the time of the accident. That said, blunt trauma — which does result in an open head wound — is also incredibly common in accidents.

In some situations, your auto accident lawyer may determine that the crash resulted from the negligence of another driver. But it’s also possible that a TBI may have occurred due to a defect in the car itself. If your automobile had a pre-existing defect (which could include defective seatbelts and airbags, defective glass, faulty door latches, and more) that caused the crash, you’ll want to work with personal injury attorneys in Redding CA who have product liability experience. It’s also possible that your auto accident lawyer might find a combination of causes for the crash and your subsequent TBI.

After Seeking Medical Attention, Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in an accident, the first thing you need to do is obtain medical care. Even when there are no obvious signs of injury, a TBI can exist — and it’s essential that you receive the diagnosis and treatment you need right away. Once you’ve done that, it’s best to contact experienced attorneys in Redding CA who can help you with your case. Your legal team can help you navigate this difficult time and will fight for your rights.

Whether your accident was caused by negligence or by an automotive defect, your attorneys at  Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel, LLP in Redding CA can strengthen your case and provide you with the support you deserve. For more information, please contact us today.