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Statistics for Auto Accidents in Redding CA

By October 2, 2019May 26th, 2022No Comments

Close to 600 people a year are killed or injured in Shasta County auto accidents. This seems like a lot for a county of fewer than 200,000 people. Our roads carry more than locals, though.

Thousands of trucks pass through Redding, California each day on I-5, a major traffic artery stretching from Canada to Mexico. SR 44, SR 299, and SR 273 are also heavily traveled trucking routes. 

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California Compiles Auto Accident Statistics 

In 2017, 396 auto accidents with injuries occurred in Redding, CA, causing 12 fatalities and injuries to 555 victims. In Shasta County, including Redding, CA, 810 traffic collisions occurred in 2017, with 30 fatalities and 1097 injuries. 

These numbers come from the California Highway Patrol database of traffic collisions—the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS)—which is maintained to improve traffic safety and raise awareness about these issues. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) also provides information about accidents involving motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. OTS reports that 3,602 people died in California auto accidents in 2017.

Factors Affecting Car Crash Severity

Vehicle collisions range from minor with no visible property damage or injuries to fatalities. The size of the vehicles, speed, type of crash, and road conditions are primary determinants of the accident’s severity. For example, a head-on crash with cars traveling 60 mph is likely to result in death, while two cars colliding when easing out of parking spots may not cause any damage. When colliding vehicles differ vastly in size, such as a semi-trailer truck and a small passenger car, the damage to the smaller car and its passengers is likely to be severe.  

Injury Rates and Property Damage Differ By Collision Type

Statistics about types of auto accidents in Redding, CA, indicate which collisions are the most common. Experienced auto accident attorneys understand the mechanisms of each type of wreck and what evidence is needed to show which driver is at fault. Over the twelve years from 2007 to 2019, these were the seven most common injury-causing auto accidents in Redding, CA (from most common to least common):

  1. Rear End
  2. Broadside
  3. Collision with a stationary object
  4. Head-on collision
  5. Sideswipe
  6. Pedestrian accident
  7. Rollover

Almost 1,700 rear-end collisions occurred over twelve years, compared to 347 head-on crashes and 222 rollovers. Rear-end collisions tend to cause concussions, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and broken bones. Rollovers are also likely to cause these injuries, along with lacerations, bruises, and torn ligaments and muscles. 

Statewide, in 2017, over a third of speeding-related crashes that caused death or severe injuries were rear-ended collisions. Almost a fourth of serious speeding-related crashes involved a collision with an object. Nearly all accidents are preventable; observing speed limits and driving safely for road conditions are two ways Californians can significantly reduce traffic deaths and injuries.

Auto Accident Attorneys Help Redding, CA, Accident Victims Recover From Injuries

The fact that car crashes are preventable means that someone causes crashes. A primary task for an auto accident attorney is proving who caused the crash. The responsible person might be another driver, or it might be a company or a government agency that created unsafe conditions. For example, a speeding driver who runs a red light would be responsible for damage and injury resulting from that negligent action. A business that allows trees, signs, or buildings to hide traffic signs and signals or impair drivers’ vision at intersections may be found liable for crashes that result. Government workers who leave equipment, gravel, or other hazards in a roadway may be responsible for crashes occurring when cars encounter the items. 

Having an experienced car crash lawyer on your side means that you can focus on your recovery while someone else focuses on obtaining just compensation for your losses. Compensation may include lost wages, medical care not covered by insurance, property damage, emotional harm, and more. 

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