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Car Accidents

Why You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer After An Accident

By March 13, 2019May 26th, 2022No Comments

Accident victims often wonder whether they should hire a personal injury lawyer in Redding, CA, or any other state where Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel’s personal injury attorneys represent clients. Victims of harm caused by another person deserve compensation. However, to receive payment, victims must first prove that another person caused the accident. That is hard to do without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

Many personal injuries are caused by someone other than the accident victim. Perhaps another driver recklessly drove too fast around a curve, or a coworker negligently ignored workplace safety rules. When one person’s negligence causes harm to another, the victim deserves compensation. However, most people deny that they caused an accident and accident claims are usually covered by insurance. Insurance companies are represented by skilled attorneys whose goal is to avoid compensating victims. Therefore, victims must retain experienced personal injury attorneys to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

How An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help

The legal system is complex. Successfully navigating the system is time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge and extreme attention to detail. Victims are more likely to obtain maximum compensation when represented by an experienced personal injury attorney who has;

  • represented scores of accident victims.
  • understands the nuances of personal injury law.
  • succeeds in settlements and courtroom trials.
  • has an experienced full-service team to assist victims.
  • works with a network of experts to build a successful litigation strategy.

4 Reasons To Hire An Skilled Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

1. Minor Injuries May Have Permanent Consequences

Even if accident injuries appear minor, the impact can be lasting. Sometimes the full extent of personal injuries is not evident for days or weeks after an accident. Anyone involved in an accident should seek medical attention immediately. At a minimum, a physical exam provides a baseline in case injuries worsen.

Many people find it hard to believe that what appears to be a minor accident can cause major damage. It can also be difficult to understand how injuries seem to mysteriously appear long after an accident. Insurance companies understand this and will often push victims to accept a quick settlement. While this may seem like a good deal because payment arrives before all the medical bills, there is a significant risk for victims. When accident victims accept a settlement, they also waive all future claims. So, if an injury turns out to be more extensive than initially thought, or the treatment is more expensive than expected, the victim can’t seek additional compensation. Before accepting any settlement offer, victims should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the mechanics of how injuries occur and how they can progress over time.    

2.  Long-Term Or Permanently Disabling Injuries Require Extensive, Expensive Care

When serious injuries require long-term care or cause permanent disabilities, victims’ personal lives, intimate relationships, careers, and finances can be turned upside down. Retaining a skilled personal injury trial lawyer maximizes a victim’s chances of obtaining appropriate compensation. Injured persons are entitled to damages that include the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Direct expenses related to the accident
  • Past and future medical expenses resulting from the accident.
  • The costs of vocational rehabilitation, therapies, treatments, and nursing care as long as required due to injuries
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for a diminished quality of life
  • The costs of assistance with household tasks a victim can no longer perform because of physical or emotional injuries, such as caring for children, shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, and yard work.

An experienced attorney works with experts to calculate the compensation value of injuries as well as the emotional and financial costs of the accident. The Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel personal injury lawyers in Redding, CA pursue all avenues of compensation for accident losses to ensure maximum compensation for their clients.

3.  Insurance Companies Don’t Want To Pay

Insurance companies make money by paying out as little as possible and by minimizing the time they spend on each claim. Insurance adjusters use computer algorithms that consider the type and severity of injuries, the costs of medical care, and the expected recovery time. Another important consideration is the maximum amount the policy will cover. Insurance companies utilize a variety of experts and often have a team of legal experts to fight claims and minimize their payouts. To compete with the resources of insurance companies, accident victims need their own well-seasoned advocate skilled at compelling insurance companies to pay.

4.  Proving Who Is At Fault, Especially with Multiple Parties, Is Hard

When everyone denies causing an accident, proving who is at fault requires detective work. This is complicated when an accident involves multiple parties. The parties might be people who were directly involved in the accident (such as drivers of four cars), or they might be people who were indirectly involved, such as an employer, a worksite manager, or the manufacturer of a piece of equipment. A good lawyer knows how to identify the right defendants.  

An experienced personal injury lawyer also knows how to

  • conduct thorough accident scene investigations
  • effectively question witnesses
  • obtain and preserve evidence
  • secure appropriate expert testimony

Because of the complex nature of personal injury cases, unrepresented victims run a substantial risk of receiving less settlement money than they are entitled to. In addition, they can become the subject of other insurance company claims.

How Can I Afford A Personal Injury Litigator?

Many people think they can’t afford to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, given the importance of legal representation for accident victims, most victims can’t afford not to hire a lawyer. Moving forward without expert assistance almost ensures less compensation than what a victim is entitled to receive.

Accident victims do not pay an attorney up-front. Instead, Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel receive a portion of the settlement or verdict reached. When a client receives compensation, part of the settlement goes toward the costs of the litigation, including attorney fees. Before agreeing to representation, clients should always understand what portion of the court costs and expert fees they may be responsible for regardless of the case outcome.

The Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel personal injury attorneys, Redding, CA, offer a free no-obligation consultation for accident victims. Call today or contact us to discuss your options.