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Redding California Personal Injury Attorneys Explain What It Means To “Go To Court”

By November 12, 2018May 26th, 2022No Comments

“I’ll see you in court!” is a popular line in movies and TV shows featuring personal injury attorneys. But what does this really mean? Do Redding California personal injury victims flock to courtrooms seeking compensation for their injuries? The answer is no. About 95% of personal injury claims are resolved without a trial, and most settle before anyone enters a courtroom.

Most Personal Injury Claims Settle Out Of Court

Trials are expensive, time-consuming, and can be emotionally exhausting for litigants. The Redding California personal injury attorneys at Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel are accomplished litigators who know that often times, clients benefit most by settling outside the courtroom. Our court verdicts show that we are willing to take a case as far as necessary to obtain just compensation, but, our track record also shows that we are skilled at obtaining maximum compensation without a trial.

The Department of Justice collects statistics on personal injury cases, and one report found that only 3% of tort/personal injury cases are disposed of through trial verdicts, with 97% settling before trial. These statistics do not include the number of claims that settle without filing a formal lawsuit.

Many Accident Victims Obtain Compensation Through The Insurance Claims Process

Most Redding California personal injury lawsuits begin as insurance claims. If the person who caused the accident has insurance, the victim files a claim with the at-fault person’s insurance company. If the at-fault person was uninsured, a victim might be able to file a claim with the victim’s own insurance provider.

An insurance claims adjuster reviews and investigates the claim and they may offer a settlement amount to the victim. Insurance companies remain profitable by processing claims quickly and paying out the least amount of money possible. This means that the first offer by an insurance company is often less than a victim is entitled to. A promise of quick payment often accompanies the initial offer, which is attractive to someone dealing with unexpected expenses arising from an accident. This is why it is helpful for victims to receive legal help from attorneys that are familiar with this process and work with insurance adjusters on a daily basis.

Personal Injury Lawyers Help Victims Obtain Appropriate Insurance Payouts. 

By fast-tracking claims and payments, insurance companies prevent victims from understanding the full extent of their injuries and the full value of their claim. When a victim accepts a settlement from an insurance company, the victim agrees to not ask for any more money. Ever. Even if it turns out that the damages are much more than the victim realized.

One way that accident victims can protect themselves is by meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer before speaking with an insurance company representative. The Redding California personal injury attorneys at Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel offer a free, no-obligation consultation that helps victims understand the potential value of their case.

Retaining a personal injury lawyer to handle negotiations with an insurance company allows a victim to focus on recovering from the accident. Experienced personal injury attorneys know how insurance companies work and the most effective ways to reach agreement on just compensation.

Filing A Lawsuit Can Jumpstart Negotiations

The “statute of limitations” or timeframe to bring a lawsuit in most circumstances is two years or less. If a resolution with the insurance company cannot be reached within that timeframe, a lawsuit needs to be filed.

The filing of a personal injury lawsuit initiates a timeline and a process that requires an insurance company’s attention and resources. Attorneys engage in formal discovery. Records are reviewed, and witnesses are deposed. Even after a lawsuit is filed, settlement negotiations continue. Often times, as more information is exchanged between the parties and when the trial costs begin to incur, a settlement can be reached.

Going To Court Is A Long Journey

When a personal injury accident victim says, “we’re going to court,” that usually means they are on the path to a possible trial and a likely settlement. It often means that negotiations with the insurance company have broken down and only litigation will lead to a resolution. Given the odds of having a full trial, going to court rarely means that the parties will actually see each other in a courtroom. But “going to court” is a shorthand way of capturing the multiple stages of a personal injury case.

How A Redding California Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel help accident victims obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. They have recovered over $550 million for victims. When they “go to court,” with clients, they win more than 98% of the time. Call today to learn how Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel can help you. No case is too big or too small to consider.